Jim Lovell: In his own words

The only person to fly to the Moon twice but never trod its surface has some amazing stories to tell.

“Houston, we’ve had a problem”

Hear more from Apollo astronaut Jim Lovell, including exclusive video footage of his in-depth interview.

The nature of empty space

Let’s talk about nothing.

Web Extra: Untangling quantum entanglement

Astronomers use the distant universe to test the reality of quantum mechanics.

A new fight for the night

Blue LEDs may have warranted a Nobel Prize in physics, but the lights are bad news for astronomers.

Web Extra: “Losing the Dark” highlights ways to fight light pollution

A video from the International Dark-Sky Association shows simple ways to improve lighting in your neighborhood.

Explore the Antares region

This summer, discover the spectacular area around one of the sky’s brightest stars.

First look at the 2017 total eclipse

Excitement is building for the first total solar eclipse in the U.S. in 26 years.

To catch a shooting star

A renowned meteorite hunter turns his gaze to the sky as part of a growing network of fireball trackers.

We test Stellarvue’s compact refractor

This 2.4-inch scope is so portable that you’ll use it night and day.


StarDome and Path of the Planets

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