Life inside a globular cluster

Imagine doing astronomy when 10 thousand 1st-magnitude stars light up your night sky.

Web Extra: Journey to a vast star city

Hundreds of thousands of stars populate the globular star cluster 47 Tucanae, making it one of the Milky Way’s biggest and brightest such clusters.

Chandra’s 10 biggest discoveries

For nearly 15 years, this X-ray observatory has shown what happens to material as it approaches a black hole, how dark energy affects galaxy cluster growth, and how many active galaxies populate the cosmos.

Web Extra: Three more top Chandra discoveries

The space-based X-ray observatory has helped answer many questions that astronomers have about the high-energy cosmos.

The universe in X-rays

NuSTAR can see X-rays more extreme than any other telescope, opening a new window on the oldest black holes and the newest supernovae.

Web Extra: Watch NuSTAR do its thing

NuSTAR is a feat of strange engineering that is able to discover strange sloshing in stars, as these two videos show.

Gerald Rhemann imaging from near and far

With remote observatories in Namibia and the Alpen foothills, this Austrian imager can lock his lens on any comet or nebula he likes.

Web Extra: Gerald Rhemann’s universe

This imager’s body of work showcases the beautiful objects both he and the universe are capable of producing.

Enhance your observing with filters

Not seeing enough detail on planets? Light pollution getting you down? In each case, the solution may be a small piece of glass.

Hunting aurorae in the Arctic

Astronomy‘s editors battled bitter cold and high winds to witness the northern lights.

Web Extra: Sights of the Arctic

Between nights filled with northern lights, two editors experienced the amazing scenery and rich culture of two Nordic countries.

12 sweet summer bino treats

Grab your binoculars and explore double stars, asterisms, and star clusters.

Astronomy tests Celestron’s StarSense

This accessory allows you to transform your old go-to mount into one that aligns itself.


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