Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey

Like the original groundbreaking show, this new series weaves rigorous science with the emotional and spiritual into a transcendent experience.

Web Extra: COSMOS Rewind Google Hangouts

Join editors from Astronomy and Discover magazines for a weekly Celestron-sponsored Google Hangout and go in-depth into each episode of Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey.

The missing universe

Most astronomers think unseen matter permeates the universe, but some researchers suspect we don’t quite understand gravity.

Web Extra: The search for dark matter

Mysterious dark matter seems to pervade the universe, boosting the rotational speeds of galaxies and binding clusters of galaxies together.

Solving the mystery of cosmic rays

Quintillions of atomic nuclei strike Earth’s atmosphere at nearly the speed of light. What accelerators are powerful enough to produce such high-energy cosmic rays?

Web Extra: Reaching for cosmic rays

Astronomers use ground-based and orbiting observatories to find the most energetic — and most elusive — particles in the universe.

The next search for Earth-like worlds

The Kepler spacecraft has found thousands of likely extrasolar planets. The next step is to learn if any of them harbor life.

Web Extra: Scientists imaging exoplanets

Astronomers have directly observed a few dozen worlds orbiting other suns.

Observe April’s spectacular lunar eclipse

The first total eclipse of the Moon in more than two years will thrill North American observers.

Using solar power to view the stars

This cutting-edge home and observatory showcase optical astronomy and sustainable technology.

How Terry Mann captures Earth and sky

This photographer takes on the risks lurking in a dark wilderness to image night sky wonders.

Web Extra: Chasing the elusive light

Terry Mann shares the beauty of the night sky.

Astronomy tests Meade’s new 10-inch SCT

Great optics, high-quality construction, and serious aperture make the LX850 a winner.


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