2013’s historic Russian meteorite fall

The largest meteorite to light up Earth’s sky in more than a century exploded above Russia’s Ural Mountains.

Web Extra: The whispering bolide

The fireball that occurred above Chelyabinsk, Russia, not only created a loud boom but also generated subtle hissing sounds heard by dozens of witnesses.

Web Extra: Don’t believe everything you hear

Although media around the world got plenty right in their descriptions of the Russian meteor, they also made plenty of mistakes.

Buzz Aldrin on our future in space

From Moon rovers practicing in Hawaii to astronauts controlling lunar robots from space, Buzz Aldrin depicts the legacy and the future of space exploration.

Web Extra: Movements to the Moon

Learn about various efforts to get humans again beyond low Earth orbit.

How to find ET with infrared light

The search for other intelligence has revolved around radio signals, but heat signature also could give away its location.

Web Extra: What if we detect life?

Astronomers explore the next steps in the search for ET.

Explore the ultimate planetary nebula catalog

The Perek-Kohoutek catalog contains some of the smallest, faintest, and most enigmatic deep-sky treats.

Web Extra: The Perek-Kohoutek catalog

Now you can find any object in this list of planetary nebulae.

Bringing order to the southern skies

Nicolas de Lacaille’s most enduring influence lives in constellations like Carina, Fornax, and Telescopium.

What are we learning from Moon rocks?

A treasure-trove of samples is providing insight into its origin, mineralogy, and evolution.

Discover our solar system’s hidden wonders

Set up your telescope and target martian clouds, Saturn’s inner ring, and more.

Vixen’s GPD2 mount tested

This accessory features portability and superb craftsmanship.


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