Top 10 space stories of 2011

Astronomers discovered our galaxy blows giant bubbles, scientists found evidence of flowing water on Mars, and NASA ended its shuttle program.

Web Extra: 2011’s other huge space stories

The past year had a lot of important discoveries. Here are the ones that didn’t quite make the top 10.

How the universe reveals its secrets

From the farthest supernova to our home planet, chemistry is at work everywhere, and understanding it is key to figuring out how the cosmos runs.

Web Extra: Chemistry in action

See examples of how the science of stuff works all around you.

The man who measured the cosmos

Milton Humason went from janitor on Mount Wilson to world-famous astronomer.

Brian May’s world of stereo astro pictures

One of the world’s great rock stars has a passion for astronomy — and for sharing space in 3-D.

Web Extra: Top Queen songs: 20-11

Count down the Astronomy editor’s favorite songs from Astronomy Editorial Advisory Board member Brian May’s legendary rock group, Queen.

The science of Star Trek

Find out how our descendants might travel at warp speed, beam down to a planet, or take a shortcut through a wormhole.

Web Extra: Even more Star Trek tech

Learn about the likelihood of encountering habitable planets or other civilizations during an interstellar journey as well as phaser weaponry.

How to sketch deep-sky objects

Create an illustrated record of your views through the telescope and become a better observer at the same time.

Astronomy tests Stellarvue’s 4-inch APO refractor

The new SV105-3SV imaging scope boasts high-quality construction, superb optics, and an oversized focuser.


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