Black holes: seeing the unseeable

New technology will reveal the event horizon – direct evidence that black holes exist.

Online extra: Watch a black hole spin

Animation shows the energetic region near a massive object”s point of no return.

New Horizons flies past Jupiter

Bound for Pluto, the New Horizons spacecraft gets the closest look at Jupiter and its moons in 4 years.

Online extra: New Horizons at Jupiter

Follow NASA”s New Horizons mission as it whisks past Jupiter.

The Big Bang + 1 second

Scientists are trying to find the torrent of neutrinos unleashed following cosmic genesis.

Explore a dozen must-see galaxies

Venture off the beaten path to observe twelve extragalactic gems Messier missed.

Online extra: Explore 14 more spring galaxies

Northern California observer Steve Gottlieb lists more than a dozen targets awaiting you at the eyepiece.

Observe the sky’s most colorful double stars

You’ll have no problem seeing these celestial beauties through a small telescope, even through haze and light

An easy guide to astro-speak

If you’ve ever wondered about some of the terms astronomers use, here’s an illustrated guide.

Orion’s new 4-inch powerhouse

The 100ED EQ-G’s high-quality optics provide plenty of great sky views at a price that doesn’t break the bank.


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