Making multiverses

New twists on old theories suggest our universe may be one of many that exist.

The accident that saved the Big Bang

While adjusting an antenna, two astronomers made one of the greatest discoveries of all time.

The return of cosmic strings

Long, thin, dense strands of primordial matter may wind their way through the universe.

Beyond Einstein

NASA’s new spacecraft will probe the nature of dark energy, black holes, and gravity waves.

Blasting the past

Deep Impact’s mission went off without a hitch, as it slammed into a comet’s nucleus.

What makes black holes tick?

See inside a black hole like never before.

Hitch a ride on a cosmic spiral

The Andromeda Galaxy offers a rich history of discovery, folklore, and science.

How stars got named

Star names can be fascinating and beautiful. They also can be confusing.

Invisible observatory

Observe the stars and preserve your yard’s aesthetics with this clever design.

Anchored to the stars

A permanent observing site lets this astroimager pursue his celestial quarry quickly and easily.


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