Stellar archaeology

Star clusters within the Milky Way come in two forms — open and globular. Now, some astronomers suspect they are related.

Space Buzz

Apollo 11 Moon-walker Buzz Aldrin talks about the future of space flight.

Vagabond moons

Around each gas-giant planet orbit dozens of small moons born elsewhere. These far-ranging bodies are beginning to give scientists clues to the dark corners of the solar system.

A spiral masterpiece

Near the end of the Big Dipper’s handle lurks M101, a delightful celestial pinwheel.

Sail a hidden sea

Not all of the Moon’s “seas” are easily visible. Some lie beneath the lunar plains, covered by debris from later impacts.

Small eyes on the sky

You’ll be surprised by the great images you can create with a small telescope and webcam.

The sky’s knight

British amateur astronomer Sir Patrick Moore has inspired generations of people to look up.

The big easy

This large scope by StarStructure offers high-quality optics in a lightweight package.


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