Storm Warning

The last great meteor storm for a generation should prove a spectacular sight.

It Came from Outer Space

Does outer space manufacture and deliver the chemical stew necessary to jump-start life throughout the universe?

Unveiling the Dark Universe

A proposed new telescope will survey the entire sky every few nights, revealing anything that changes and mapping the distribution of dark matter.

Unlocking New Worlds

The pursuit of planets outside our solar system is a fast-growing area of astronomy. Witness a day in the life of a planet hunter.

Fade to Black

Next month’s eclipse will snuff out the sun for observers in Australia and Africa. Here’s how to make the most of those brief moments of totality.

Beginner Telescopes

Scope out these 4.5-inch reflectors for novice stargazers.

‘Tis the Season to be Shopping

Great gift ideas for the astronomy buff in your life.


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