Beyond Black

Though black holes have gone from concept to acceptance, do astronomers really know they exist beyond a reasonable doubt?

Name that Nebula

Most bright and dark nebulae are known by mere catalog numbers – an IC here and an NGC there. Entering our naming contest will not only provide great monikers for overlooked clouds of beauty, but may also net you a prize.

Universe on a String

Will advances in string theory and an overarching supersymmetry explain dark matter, dark energy, and the fate of the universe?

Mining for Cosmic Coal

Could fossil fuels have come from space rather than from decaying critters? As eccentric as the idea sounds, some compelling thoughts lend consideration to the idea.

A Celestial Cover-up

On June 10 a solar eclipse will wash over the landscape, creating a ring of fire in Mexico and a partial eclipse over much of North America.

A Happy Medium

Celestron’s G-9.25 offers portability and a powerful observing package that will attract observers and astrophotographers alike.


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