Quasars Next Door

Devouring its stellar companion, a black hole or neutron star in our galaxy blasts a high-speed jet into space and looks like a miniature version of its powerful cousin.


Meet someone who discovered six comets in one day. He’s part of a growing cadre using the Internet to prove you don’t need a Ph.D. to do astronomy.

Digitizing Astronomy’s Glass Plates

Before the advent of CCDs, almost every facet of the sky was recorded photographically. Now much of that valuable information is being converted into digital data.

Mars Returns to Glory

This summer the Red Planet reaches a size and brightness we haven’t seen in 13 years. Here’s how to get the most out of viewing Earth’s enigmatic neighbor.

Go to the NexStar on Your List

ASTRONOMY puts Celestron’s three new go-to telescopes through their paces.

Happy Trails

With patience, practice, and attention, you can capture wonderful images of the night sky that record the clockwork motion of the heavens.

Celestial Portraits: Ara, Triangulum, and Apus

This trio of deep southern constellations offers backyard observers pinwheel galaxies, stellar death shrouds, and glittering star clusters.


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