Great Discoveries

The history of astronomy is chock full of defining moments. Here are 25 that have changed the way we see the universe.

Seeing Spots

Louis Frank believes that 25,000 house-sized comets smash into Earth’s atmosphere every day, but many astronomers think this is folly.

Solar System Redeux

Far from the stately arena we once thought, our home system bristles with rogue comets and other dangers.

Outsmarting the Early Universe

Pioneering a technique to find distant galaxies, Chuck Steidel hopes to learn how the cosmos evolved.

Blowin’ in the Solar Wind

Massive solar storms can wreak havoc on satellites in orbit, humans in space, and on Earth itself.

Celestial Portraits: Aquarius

For the galaxy lover in all of us, Aquarius and Piscis Austrinus offer great hunting for the backyard observer.

Sunny Skies and Starry Nights

Escape winter’s cold and head to the Florida Keys, where warm breezes and great observing await.

Dome Sweet Dome

The frozen lava of the moon’s maria is just the tip of the lunar volcanism iceberg.

Ask Astro

We answer your questions about the sky and the universe.


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