Limited-edition Pioneer Plaque replicas available

A dedicated designer and cosmos lover is reproducing the famous plaque.
By | Published: May 17, 2017 | Last updated on May 18, 2023

The Pioneer Plaque is an image almost everyone will recognize: the sketches of a man and a woman, an illustration of our solar system, and several symbols to tell any extraterrestrials who found the plaque where it came from.

If you’ve ever wanted that plaque, designed by Frank Drake and Carl Sagan with artwork by Linda Salzman Sagan, now is your chance. A replica of the plaque, which was secured to Pioneer 10 in 1972 and Pioneer 11 in 1973, is available for purchase.

Designer Duane King has offered to recreate 200 replica plaques in honor of the 45th anniversary of Pioneer 10’s launch. The Pioneer Plaque Kickstarter offers a limited edition replica of the plaque hand-engraved on gold-anodized aluminum.

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