From the March 2009 issue

William Sheehan’s Galileo

The author of Experience Galileo's Italy explains his appreciations for the great astronomer's life and work.
By | Published: March 23, 2009 | Last updated on May 18, 2023
I had the pleasure of editing William Sheehan’s Experience Galileo’s Italy for our May 2009 special issue marking the 400-year anniversary of the telescope. Sheehan is an author, psychiatrist, and amateur astronomer in Willmar, Minnesota. His latest book is A Passion for Planets, which Springer is slated to publish this year.

Sheehan’s article for Astronomy is a rich and detailed tour through Galileo’s life and work, focusing on the places he lived and worked. The project grew out of a tour to Rome and Florence that Sheehan led for MWT Associates in January 2007. I asked him about the tour and how it enriched his understanding of and appreciation for Galileo’s life and work.