The world of meteorite collecting: This Week in Astronomy with Dave Eicher

This week, Dave shows off his meteorites and explains how you can start your own collection of pieces of other worlds.
By | Published: September 25, 2023

When you pick up a meteorite, you are holding an ancient piece of the solar system right in your hands. Most meteorites come from asteroids, which are debris left over from the violent, chaotic formation of the solar system. There are three categories of meteorites — iron, stone, and stony-iron; they originate from an asteroid’s core, mantle, or the boundary between the core and mantle.

Some meteorites even come from other worlds — the Moon or Mars; these rocks were blown off by an impact and eventually made their way across the solar system to fall to Earth.

You can start your own collection of meteorites by checking online dealers like My Science Shop. You can also go to the Tucson Gem Show, which takes place every year in February.