‘Star Trek’ stamps mark 50th anniversary of franchise

They can't get your letters to warp speed, but they are pretty great nonetheless.
By | Published: September 7, 2016 | Last updated on May 18, 2023

Tomorrow marks the 50th anniversary for the Star Trek original series and the United States Postal Service is celebrating with commemorative stamps celebrating the franchise.

Since its original release in 1966 that ran for three seasons, the franchise has aired four sequel series, with a fifth installment to start airing on a new CBS streaming service in 2017. The series also inspired 13 feature films. Created and produced by Gene Roddenberry, Star Trek is often viewed as one of the most influential science-fiction TV series.

Star Trek was well received with many viewers thanks to story lines that touched on important social issues. It also showed a group of people who wanted to simply explore space and see what the universe held. It was one of the first programs to use a diverse, multicultural cast as well as the first program to show a scripted interracial kiss on TV.

There are four commemorative stamps being sold from more than 31,000 post offices; the Starship Enterprise, the Starfleet insignia, and the Vulcan salute are depicted in the stamps.