Saturn spectacular

In recognition of the past year, the Cassini imaging team has released an amazing saturnian photo collection.Provided by the Space Science Institute, Boulder, Colorado
By | Published: January 2, 2007 | Last updated on May 18, 2023
Titan's haze
Cassini peers around the hazy limb of Titan to spy the sunlit south pole of Saturn in the distance beyond.

The thick, smog-like atmosphere of frigid Titan is a major source of interest for the Cassini mission.

NASA / JPL / Space Science Institute
January 2, 2007
In celebration of the holiday season and the close of another remarkable year at Saturn’s frontier, the imaging team for NASA’s Cassini mission is presenting a smorgasbord of Saturnian imagery showing heavenly bodies great and small, in motion, and in three dimensions.

The image products being released include color views, movies, maps and
3D anaglyphs. You can view them here.

Fountains of icy spray erupting from the geologically fascinating moon
Enceladus are featured in this group. Other views highlight
The ringed planet’s small moons, the smoggy atmosphere of Titan, and enchanting Saturn itself.

Along with the images and movies, the imaging team is also releasing
updated maps of the six major saturnian moons, including giant Titan.
These products differ from the older versions released in December 2005 in including new terrain on each moon imaged by Cassini in the last year.