Infinity & Beyond — Episode 9: Saturn’s rings

This week, Abigail Bollenbach and Astronomy magazine present you with a crash course on one of the solar system's most stunning features: Saturn's rings.
By | Published: October 8, 2020 | Last updated on May 18, 2023

A glance at Saturn through a small telescope is often the experience that turns people on to astronomy. Simply walking outside, setting up a little scope, and enjoying a spectacular view of a distant planet — colorful and beautiful, surrounded by razor-sharp rings — is deeply satisfying. 

Saturn’s rings were also one of the first targets of Galileo Galilei’s new telescope some 400 years ago, when he revolutionized human observations of the cosmos. Among the most identifiable and familiar symbols of astronomy, Saturn’s rings remain almost as mysterious today as they were to that Italian explorer of the cosmos. 

In this episode of Infinity & Beyond, join host Abigail Bollenbach as she takes you on a trip to Saturn’s rings.

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