From the December 2010 issue

Hind’s Crimson Star gets brighter

Use this chart to help you estimate the variable brightness of one of the reddest stars visible in the sky.
By | Published: December 27, 2010 | Last updated on May 18, 2023
Use the field stars in a 2° field of view around R Leporis to help you estimate its magnitude. Each comparison star’s magnitude is listed with the decimal point omitted to avoid confusing it for a faint star. Data courtesy the AAVSO

In my February 2010 column, I introduced you to Hind’s Crimson Star, also known by the variable star designation R Leporis. A long-period variable, R Leporis ranges between magnitudes 5.5 and 12 (averaging 7 to 10.5) over a 14-month cycle. When I wrote that column in September 2010, the star was at a minimum brightness of 10th magnitude. I predicted it would be somewhere between 8th and 9th magnitude by February 2011, but I want you to do your own observing to see if I’m correct.