From cute to cringe, NASA has a Valentine’s Day card for you

Thanks to the folks at NASA, you can easily find a Valentine's Day card JWST about perfect for you.
By | Published: February 14, 2024

Is someone in your life a major (or minor) science fan? NASA has a perfect way for people to express their love toward those people in a thoughtful and creative way for Valentine’s Day.

At NASA’s website, you can chose a special card out of a variety of cleverly cute, astronomy-themed Valentine’s Day cards. Ranging from topics about supernovas to space missions!

Once you’ve decided on the best card to gift to your loved one, you have the freedom to customize it by writing a (family-friendly) personal message. After all the text boxes have been completed, you can go ahead and digitally send the card to whomever you choose.

If you’d like to explore more Valentine’s Day card options, you can check out Ironic Sans’ website for funny and adorable scientist-related cards.