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David H. Levy’s Evening Stars: Dr. David Levy-Shakespeare

September 2010: A journey in education concludes, but the journey of learning continues.
By | Published: July 26, 2010 | Last updated on May 18, 2023
September 2010 Levy
Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s humanities library, top, is an imposing structure on the Mount Scopus campus. The university houses Albert Einstein’s telescope (bottom), pictured in front of Minerva, one of the author’s oldest scopes.
David H. Levy

As my wife, Wendee, and I enjoyed the Olympic hockey final February 28, the Senate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem formally approved my doctoral thesis. With relief, we learned that I am now officially a Doctor of Philosophy. This process brings a close to my formal education, which has lasted, on-and-off, for 58 years.