From the December 2012 issue

Check out a regional star party in 2013

The United States plays host to dozens of large astronomy-community gatherings to expand your knowledge of the hobby.
By | Published: December 21, 2012 | Last updated on May 18, 2023
Starry nights loom large over the best star party locations. Observers travel all across the country to experience such pristine skies. // Credit: Phil Jones

As I described in “A beginners guide to star parties” in the February
issue of Astronomy, a large regional star party is an experience like no other
for a deeper immersion in the hobby. Hundreds of people travel across the
country every year to remote locations that boast some of the darkest skies in
the United States. These star parties have programs filled with activities like
amateur telescope- and mirror-making workshops, expert guest speakers,
telescope and food venders, raffles, and young-astronomer programs.

I strongly encourage you to check out one this year if you have never
been. Listed below is basic info on ones throughout the United States.