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Astronomy magazine’s Space & Beyond subscription box

Bring the wonders of the universe into your home.
By | Published: August 20, 2019 | Last updated on May 18, 2023
I was 14 years old when I first saw Saturn through a telescope, its rings glowing a vibrant yellow-orange. In that moment, the seemingly two-dimensional landscape of Earth’s surface was irreversibly transformed. From then on, I was hooked on the night sky. I was no longer just a kid from suburban Ohio, I was a resident of a vast cosmos waiting to be explored. Who knew that you could just walk into a backyard and look up, with a modest telescope, and unlock the secrets of the universe? 

A few years later, I launched my own magazine about the night sky and, soon after, joined the staff of Astronomy. It was at the dawning of a new golden age of astronomy, full of scientific breakthroughs, from the discovery of dark energy and how the universe will end, to fresh clues about how life started on Earth – and, just maybe, spread across the universe. Today, SpaceX, Blue Origin and other spaceflight pioneers are drawing a new generation into the fold. These new space innovators could take us to places we’ve only dreamed about.

Since its inception, Astronomy magazine has offered readers a ticket to travel into this world. Now, we’re taking the next step with the launch of Astronomy’s Space & Beyond subscription box. Each box has a unique theme and is carefully curated by our editors to expand your understanding of the cosmos and appreciation for your place in it.

Every three months, we’ll send you a package brimming with beautifully illustrated posters, information, gadgets and collectibles — the coolest space swag there is — as well as exciting ways to expand your mind and increase your enjoyment of the night sky. 

Right now, you’re in a unique and amazing time in understanding the cosmos. This new box will tap into its mystery and magic — and you’re guaranteed to have fun. Every Space & Beyond box helps you celebrate astronomy in a new and exciting way. Make the most of your time on this planet. Sign up for our launch list and be the first to know when ordering goes live. Let us continue bringing the magic of the universe into your home. 

— David J. Eicher, Editor, Astronomy

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