Astronomy magazine podcast: Out-of-this-world Award

Associate Editor Laura Layton speaks with last year's award winner, Celestial North, Inc., of Freeland, Washington.
By | Published: June 7, 2007 | Last updated on May 18, 2023

June 7, 2007
Astronomy magazine will present its annual $2,500 award to an astronomy club or organization for excellence in astronomy outreach activities. The “Out-of-this-world” Award focuses on ongoing public programming — not one specific event — as conducted by any educational or civic organization.

The prize will reward a group’s sustained efforts to involve its local community in the science and hobby of astronomy and will be awarded for use in future public programs.

The entry form is available for download here. Applications and material must be postmarked by July 16, 2007. Read the official rules here.

Last year, Astronomy magazine editors selected Celestial North, Inc., an astronomy club in Freeland, Washington, as winner of the award.

The $2,500 prize rewarded Celestial North, Inc.’s sustained efforts to involve the Puget Sound community in the science and hobby of astronomy. Astronomy magazine editors chose Celestial North, Inc. from 32 clubs throughout the United States, including Puerto Rico, that submitted entries.

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