Astronomy magazine announces annual $2,500 award

Astronomy's Out-of-this-world Award recognizes excellence in astronomy outreach.
By | Published: April 29, 2008 | Last updated on May 18, 2023

WAUKESHA, WI — In 2008, Astronomy magazine will present its annual $2,500 award to a club or organization that has shown excellence in astronomy outreach activities. The Out-of-this-world Award focuses on ongoing programs — not one specific event — by an educational or civic organization. The award will recognize a group’s sustained efforts to involve its local community in the science and hobby of astronomy. The prize money is to be used for future astronomy outreach activities. Astronomy editors will review each entry and select a winner.

The 2007 award went to the Aldrich Astronomical Society in Winchendon, Massachusetts. The club used its winnings to purchase equipment and books, and develop demonstration tool kits.

The entry form for Astronomy‘s 2008 Out-of-this-world Award is available for download here.

Applications and material must be postmarked by July 18, 2008. The winner will be announced in October. Rules for the award

  • Groups applying must be educational or civic organizations

  • The award recognizes an organization’s ongoing efforts to involve its local community in the science and/or hobby of astronomy

  • The application consists of a form and two (2) essays: one describing the group’s outreach projects (500 words), the other explaining how the monetary award is to be used (250 words)

  • Submission of photographs, media clippings, promotional flyers, and other relevant material is encouraged

  • The outreach programs should be of a size and scope so that the $2,500 award allows demonstrable progress toward completion or improvements: For example, a new telescope for public events, laptop computer, marketing materials, signage for events, structural improvements to facilities, or other technology upgrades

  • Judges will be members of the Astronomy staff

  • Award money must be used within 12 months of receipt

  • Astronomy promotes the science and hobby of astronomy through high-quality publications that engage, inform, entertain, and inspire. The magazine also strives to empower local astronomy organizations that help bring celestial wonders to their communities.

    For more information on Astronomy magazine’s handout materials available for public programs, please contact Assistant Editor Jeremy McGovern.