A newly discovered asteroid zipped between Earth and the Moon yesterday

A close encounter came almost as soon as we’ve discovered it.
By | Published: February 1, 2017 | Last updated on May 18, 2023

UPDATE: You can rewatch the show below or on Slooh’s site


We’ve only known of the asteroid 2017 BS32 since January 30, but already, it’s ready for its close-up.

On February 2 at around 3 p.m. EST (2 p.m. CST), the asteroid will come within 100,000 miles (160,934km) of Earth. The Slooh Observatory will host a live show with its telescopes pointed to the 36 to 82 foot (11 to 24 meter) object.

According to the website Watchers.News, the asteroid is believed to have an orbit that stretches from inside Venus’ plane clear out to Mars. This is the fourth asteroid to have a close encounter with Earth this year, including 2017 AG13, which zipped between the Earth and the Moon less than a month ago.