Exploring the Sails

Team ShaRA: Massimo Di Fusco/Aygen Erkaslan/Marco Firenzuoli/Egidio Vergani/Andrea Iorio/Rolando Ligustri/ Fernando Linsalata/Donato Lioce/Alessandro Ravagnin/Riccardo Maffioli/Giampaolo Michieletto/Cristiano Trabuio

The bluffs and ridges of this little-imaged nebular complex lie on the edge of a giant “super shell” of expanding molecular gas known as the IRAS Vela Shell, which lies in the Gum Nebula. This HαLRGB image was taken with 17⅓ hours of exposure with a 6-inch f/3.3 scope. The final result is a composite of 12 different interpretations of the data from the members of Team ShaRA. Click here to read more at their blog post.