The Silver Streak Galaxy (NGC 4216), spiral galaxy M100, and barred spiral galaxy M91

May 7–14, 2015: This week, we’re in the midst of galaxy season, so you’ll need an 8-inch or larger instrument to observe all three deep-sky targets in the Coma-Virgo Cluster.
By | Published: May 14, 2015 | Last updated on May 18, 2023
This week’s observing targets are all galaxies in the Coma-Virgo Cluster.

Each week, Astronomy magazine Senior Editor Michael E. Bakich, a master at explaining how to observe, posts a podcast about three or more objects or events you can see in the sky.

Targets for May 14–21, 2015

Large telescope:
The Silver Streak Galaxy (NGC 4216) in Virgo
Large telescope:
Spiral galaxy M100 in Coma Berenices
Large telescope:
Spiral galaxy M91 in Coma Berenices