Star party guidance from the Astronomy Foundation

These two brochures will provide you with all the key steps to putting on your own successful sidewalk astronomy event or public star party.
By | Published: August 29, 2011 | Last updated on May 18, 2023
Most of you know that the Astronomy Foundation (AF), the telescope industry trade organization created several years ago, promotes amateur astronomy outreach in a variety of ways. Now it offers two important documents for astronomy clubs and groups to help them put on star parties, whether they be sidewalk star parties right in the hearts of large cities or dedicated dark-sky star parties in rural areas.
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One of the foundation’s officers and driving forces, Karen Jennings of Townsend, Delaware, wrote and put together the documents. Karen is the astronomy club committee chair of the AF. Both the Astronomy Foundation’s Sidewalk Astronomy Model and the Astronomy Foundation’s Star Party Model offer practical advice on how to best hold outreach star parties to allow more people to see and appreciate the universe in which they live. The documents were largely inspired by Detroit’s multi-organizational “Kensington Astronomy at the Beach,” an annual event that brings together several astronomy clubs to popularize the subject. And thanks to the ever-energetic John Schroer for his help and guidance with tips from that event.

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