From the September 2005 issue

Phil Harrington’s binocular universe (November 2005)

In addition to M52 and NGC 7789, Cassiopeia hosts several other open star clusters that are visible tonight through your binoculars. Here are some others to tempt you outside.
By | Published: September 23, 2005 | Last updated on May 18, 2023
Finder chart for objects in Cassiopeia
Cassiopeia houses many dazzling objects. Orient yourself by facing north. Tilt your head back so south is at the top of your view. Cassiopeia will be just about overhead.
Roen Kelly
NGC 129 lies about halfway between the stars Caph and Gamma (γ) Cassiopeiae, the Cassiopeia W’s western and center stars, respectively.

NGC 457 the Owl Cluster, is found just to the south of the star Ruchbah in the Cassiopeia W.

M103 is a compact open cluster northeast of Ruchbah.

NGC 663, is located just east of the halfway point between the stars Ruchbah and Segin, the two easternmost stars in the W.

Stock 2, the Muscleman Cluster, is set just 2° north of the famous Double Cluster in Perseus.