From the December 2018 issue

Little-known Taurus treats

Cool clusters for cold winter nights.
By | Published: December 12, 2018 | Last updated on May 18, 2023

In his 1888 book Astronomy with an Opera-Glass, Garrett Serviss wrote, “I have never beheld the first indications of the [winter stars] without a peculiar feeling of awakened expectation, like that of one who sees the curtain rise upon a drama of absorbing interest. … First in the east come the world-renowned Pleiades. … In an hour the fiery gleam of Aldebaran appears at the edge of the dome [along with] the beautiful V-shaped group of the Hyades.”

Just as Serviss promised his readers 130 years ago, we, too, witness the beauty and anticipation of the coming winter stars and the many beautiful sights that they bring.

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