Hunt down Saturn tonight while you still can

Saturn's time in the evening sky is almost at an end, so tonight is the perfect night to catch a glimpse of the Ringed Planet before it goes.
By | Published: November 20, 2018 | Last updated on May 18, 2023
Saturn from Cedar Key, Florida. This CCD image was captured using a 10-inch Mak-Cassegrain telescope.
Alan Friedman

The days of viewing Saturn in the evening sky are dwindling rapidly, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still track down the solar system’s most beautiful ringed world. 

Tonight, Saturn sits nearly 15° high in the southwest an hour after sunset.

The Ringed Planet shines at magnitude 0.6, more than a full magnitude brighter than any of the background stars in its host constellation, Sagittarius the Archer.

Though you should be able to see Saturn’s golden glow through binoculars, of course, the best views of Saturn come through a telescope.

By using even a modest telescope, you’ll be treated to stunning views of Saturn’s 15″-diameter globe surrounded by a spectacular ring system that spans 35″ and tilts 26° to our line of sight.

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