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David H. Levy’s Evening Stars: Astro-businesses: a way of inspiring

June 2010: Take advantage of some of the best skygazing equipment the world has ever seen.
By | Published: April 26, 2010 | Last updated on May 18, 2023
June 2010 David Levy
A crowd of unruly telescopes threatens to overtake David Levy. From left: Miranda, a homemade 26-inch Newtonian; Gemini, a 10-inch JMI binocular telescope; Obadiah, a 16-inch Meade Schmidt camera; Flaire, a 14-inch Meade SCT; Samwise, a 10-inch Meade Schmidt-Newtonian; Pegasus, a Cave 8-inch Newtonian; and Clyde, a Celestron 14-inch SCT.
Wendee Levy

From simple telescopes to observatory domes, from magnificent eyepieces to the latest in CCD technology, it’s hard to overstate the role that businesses play in promoting astronomy.