Binoculars under $100

Sometimes, observing is best with both eyes open.
By | Published: May 19, 2009 | Last updated on May 18, 2023
Binoculars under $100 review

This review, “Binoculars under $100,” appeared in the April 2005 issue of Astronomy magazine

Maybe you’re new to the astronomy hobby and thinking about buying a telescope. More often than not, your best first purchase isn’t a telescope, but binoculars. Getting used to the narrow, flipped-around images through a telescope can be daunting. Binoculars are more natural, almost like extensions of our eyes. Every amateur astronomer — indeed every person — should own binoculars.

Of course, that begs the question: “Which binoculars?” There are many factors to take into account, but the answer often boils down to budget. It probably makes sense to spend as little as possible to fuel a budding interest.

But just as the marketplace is flooded with low-price telescopes, it is also beleaguered with economy binoculars. You can find dozens out there. Which one is best? Decisions, decisions …

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