Top 10 space stories of 2021

Over the last year, researchers mourned the loss of Arecibo and applauded the first helicopter flight on Mars. Plus, commercial spaceflight really took off.

Finding Neptune

This ice giant hid from humanity’s view for millennia. But eventually, its sibling planet gave it away.

Meet 20 great astronomers

Throughout history, innumerable people have made valuable contributions to astronomy. But since we’re short on space, here’s 20, ranked.

Astronomy‘s tips for winter observing

Trekking out to your favorite observing spot requires a little extra planning this time of year. But the views are totally worth it.

QHY 410C: A cooled color camera

Equipped with a premium back-illuminated CMOS chip built by Sony, this powerful device features ultra-low noise, which is perfect for astrophotography.

The shape of the Milky Way

To understand the nature of our galaxy, astronomers had to look to distant island universes.