Top 10 space stories of 2020

An international fleet of spacecraft set off for Mars, Crew Dragon carried astronauts to the ISS, and a global pandemic left its mark on astronomy.

New Mars rover begins its mission

Perseverance is more than just Curiosity’s double — it will hunt for ancient life, cache samples, and pave the way for human explorers.

Corona light

Missed last year’s annular eclipse? We’ve got you covered with some of the best shots out there.

Spend some time in Auriga

With three Messier objects and loads of other bright targets, the Charioteer has a lot to offer.

Studying galaxies with amateur images

Advances in our understanding of galaxy formation aren’t just coming from large, professional telescopes.

We review Celestron’s 60th anniversary C8

The NexStar Evolution 8HD With StarSense, a limited edition telescope, combines all of Celestron’s fanciest trappings to produce a superb, top-of-the-line instrument.