Rusty Schweickart remembers Apollo 9

The lunar module pilot relives the challenges and triumphs when humans tested their spacecraft in Earth orbit.

Jim McDivitt: 10 days in orbit

Apollo 9 served as an engineering test, a hardware demonstration, and a vital steppingstone on the 
road to the Moon.

The women immortalized on the Moon

The mountain named after Marilyn Lovell made her one of a handful of women immortalized on the Moon.

Georges Seurat’s sky

Did optical effects from volcanic aerosols affect the way this Neo-Impressionist artist approached his canvas?

Hunt the deep sky in the Hunting Dogs

The Whirlpool Galaxy is just the start of a fantastic tour through Canes Venatici.

How to photograph aurorae

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We test Sky-Watcher USA’s EvoStar 150

A proprietary type of glass, special coatings, and superb mechanics make this telescope one to look through.