Water worlds in the Milky Way

How do planets get their water? Scientists are looking for evidence in the light from white dwarfs.

Exploring Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids

Astronomers have studied the giant planet’s captured asteroids only from afar. But that’s about to change.

Astronomy Backstage Pass: Chicago

This behind-the-scenes tour of cool astro stuff in the Windy City includes Adler Planetarium’s priceless artifacts, incredible meteorites in the Field Museum, neutrino detectors at Fermilab, and the rich history of Yerkes Observatory.

Discover great galaxies in Coma Berenices

Spirals, ellipticals, and interacting galaxies make a rich habitat for springtime galaxy hunters.

Three nights at Pic du Midi

Perched more than 9,400 feet above sea level, this French observatory offers some of the finest viewing on Earth.

Astronomy tests QHYCCD’s new astrocamera

The 128C offers full-color imaging, low noise, and ease of use.

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