The solar system’s violent past

Look out toward Venus and Jupiter at twilight. The solar system seems tranquil, but in its early days, our cosmic neighborhood was a decidedly dangerous place.

Galaxy clusters: The universe’s cosmic lenses

Fighting for visibility

Black women’s struggles in the early space program were rarely noticed. Until now.

Observe winter planetary nebulae

These stellar corpses show us – in an array of amazing shapes and sizes – what our Sun will become one day.

The obsessive comet hunter

Charles Messier’s name is synonymous with deep-sky objects today. But they were not his first love.

Confessions of a master sketcher

The author learned a lot about observing while watching a sketch by expert Alex Massey come to life.

Rocketing off to (cyber)space

Land on the Moon, explore Mars, or control the whole solar system, all from the comfort of your home.

We put DayStar’s Clacium Quark to the test

The great thing about solar viewing is you can do it during the day – and now in a whole new wavelength.


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