Get ready for E-Day

The actions you take before the celestial lineup can help everything run smoothly August 21.

A step-by-step guide to the Great American Eclipse

Don’t miss a thing as you watch the magnificent sky drama unfold.

Navigating the sky

There’s so much more in the sky during the eclipse than the Sun and Moon. Here’s how to make sure you’ll see it all.

What weather should you expect?

Make your best guess more than a roll of the dice come the big day.

20 hot spots to view the eclipse

People will view the spectacle from thousands of locations. Here are some you should consider.

Astronomy’s atlas of totality

Viewing the upcoming eclipse is all about totality. Here’s how to position yourself under the Moon’s inner shadow.

Video strategies for eclipse day

Forget the point-and-shoot option – video mode is your camera’s most valuable feature on August 21.

Expert tips on imaging

Tried-and-true techniques for photographing a total solar eclipse, from cameras to smartphones.

Let the countdown to 2024 begin

Let’s do this all over again in seven years – with two more minutes of totality!

Do you speak “eclipse”?

Totality, arcminutes, chromosphere … it’s easy to get lost in technical terms. We’re here to help.


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