The hunt for Earth’s bigger cousins

Larger than Earth but smaller than Neptune, these in-between worlds harbor some surprisingly terrestrial environments.

Imposters in the asteroid belt

Astronomers are on the hunt for comets disguising themselves as asteroids.

Percival Lowell: A life in astronomy

One of the most curious characters in the history of astronomy produced a legacy of important work, and established the desert southwest as an astronomical mecca.

How to choose the right camera for the eclipse

Tips from Astronomy‘s photo editor could help you capture a spectacular event.

Stormy skies and starry nights

The more you know about meteorology, the better your observing will be.

Skipping through the Virgo Cluster

The springtime cloud offers a galaxy hunter’s paradise, with spirals, ellipticals, and oddball galaxies for every size telescope.

Grab Explore Scientific’s 80mm APO, and go!

An innovative design lets you easily switch between high-quality photography and satisfying visual observing.


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