A wrinkle in space-time confirms Einstein’s gravitation

Astronomers have finally found gravitational waves. Now things can get interesting.

Hot results from a cool planet

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft revealed Pluto as a world of stark beauty and complex geology.

What’s blowing bubbles in the Milky Way?

Strange hourglass lobes extend 25,000 light-years on either side of our galaxy’s center.

Meet the next generation space telescope

Using the High Definition Space Telescope, astronomers hope to discover life in the universe.

Observe Mars at its best

The brightness of our celestial neighbor will have you seeing red through your scope this spring.

10 tempting spring binocular targets

Find a seahorse and a stargate among these playful targets.

How to view Mercury’s rare transit

On May 9, the innermost planet appears in silhouette against the Sun’s disk for the first time in nearly a decade.

35 favorite double stars

Target these binary beauties, and you’ll be seeing double all year long.

We test Denkmeier’s 3-D eyepieces

This pair of eyepieces will bring a whole new depth to your observing.


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