Juno sets its sights on Jupiter

Scientists still know little about Jupiter’s origin and evolution, but the Juno spacecraft aims to change that.

Why are there so many black holes?

The physics of stars, disks, and clusters shows why black holes are an inevitable result of the universe.

How astronomers “predicted” a supernova

Astronomers may not know what dark matter is, but they recently claimed victory in mapping it when Supernova Refsdale appeared right on time.

Observe wind-sculpted nebulae

They might look like fuzzy gas clouds in your scope, but you can actually see the shapes created by hot stars.

Get ready for the 2017 total eclipse

Here’s what you need to know to prepare for America’s next solar eclipse.

Eclipse over Indonesia

Our group of intrepid eclipse chasers witnessed a grand view of totality March 9, but it was just one of the remarkable adventures we experienced.

Meet a small, awesome imaging scope

Stellarvue’s SV70T 2 3/4-inch refractor is lightweight and gorgeous — with a bonus of high-quality images.

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