Pluto: Up close and personal

Pluto will finally bask in the spotlight when New Horizons flies past this July.

Web Extra: Pluto probe promises spectacular surprises

A faint ball of subtle features when viewed from Earth, Pluto will sharpen to crystal clarity when New Horizons flies past in July.

In search of death plunge asteroids

Imagine the science and the safety we could achieve by finding space rocks before they enter our atmosphere.

Web Extra: Chelyabinsk’s real death plunge

Revisit the events that took place outside Chelyabinsk, Russia, when a meteor crashed down without warning.

Get set for Asteroid Day

On June 30, 2015, Asteroid Day will mark a milestone in awareness of the dangers of near-Earth asteroids.

Hunt the last planet

While Pluto takes center stage with New Horizons’ arrival, backyard observers can get their own glimpse of this enigmatic world.

Set your sights on the Great Rift

This unrelenting chain of dark nebulae is mightily impressive when you know what to look for.

Web Extra: A tour around the Great Rift

This area of the Milky Way is home to thousands of stunning celestial objects.

Catch some Moon rays

Turn your scope toward a crater, crank up the power, and hope for illumination.

The nature of observing

Want to see the Orion Nebula’s hidden colors? First, take a walk to watch flowers in the moonlight.

Vacation with the stars

If you’ve got some time off, check out these great astronomy travel ideas.

Go light with the Star Adventurer mount

Sky-Watcher USA’s mount is small, light, and accurate.


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