Top 10 space stories of 2014

Scientists discovered a lake Superior below Enceladus’ surface, found another dwarf planet in the solar system, and mapped a million galaxies to give them a precise measurement of the universe’s expansion.

Web Extra: 2014’s other big space stories

Although they just missed the top 10, brown dwarfs, black holes, the Sun, exoplanets, and asteroids had big years.

Astronomy’s 2015 Guide to the Night Sky

This handy four-page insert will keep you looking up all year.

Kepler spacecraft’s new lease on life

Having enjoyed four successful years of planet hunting, Kepler is now poised to revolutionize new areas of astrophysics.

Web Extra: The next search for Earth-like worlds

The Kepler spacecraft discovered thousands of exoplanets. Now astronomers are trying to find out if any might harbor life.

The planetarium world meets in China

As dark skies diminish, the International Planetarium Society meets in Beijing to discuss its members’ greater responsibility in bringing the stars down to Earth.

Web Extra: The planetarium worlds hit China

Editor David J. Eicher captured many stunning sights while at the International Planetarium Society meeting in Beijing, from stunning new shows to an ancient observatory.

A visual observer’s quest for greatness

With more than 1,000 sketches of deep-sky objects to his credit, Roger Ivester still just wants to observe.

Where are the women in amateur astronomy?

Few women seem to participate in our hobby, but those who do are having the time of their lives.

10 top winter binocular treats

When it’s too cold to set up your telescope, get your sky-fix by grabbing your binoculars.

Web Extra: 11 top winter binocular gems

One supernova remnant, two double stars, and eight clusters beckon cold-weather skygazers.


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