Searching for the universe’s background glow

The cosmos is awash in the faint light of the extragalactic background. Where does it all come from?

Web Extra: Gamma rays’ long road toward Fermi

Watch a gamma ray travel from its source in a faraway galaxy, through the extragalactic background, and finally to Earth, where the Fermi telescope can measure it.

A fresh look at Mars

Seven spacecraft continue to scour the Red Planet for signs of ancient water and conditions conducive to life.

Web Extra: Through the eyes of the magnificent seven

An armada of spacecraft continues to explore the Red Planet, revealing deep-held secrets and raising new mysteries.

Kitt Peak Observatory’s second chance at life

The next generation of mega telescopes promises to democratize astronomy, but aging national observatories must redefine their relevance to survive the revolution.

Web Extra: How Big Bang ripples make the ideal cosmic ruler

Astronomers will make a 3-D map of the universe thanks to sound waves from the beginning of time called baryon acoustic oscillations.

Finding our place in the Milky Way

Aristarchus and Copernicus were the first to challenge Earth’s position at the center of creation but certainly weren’t the last.

Witness totality from Indonesia

A spectacular adventure awaits those who tour Bali and see the March 9, 2016, total solar eclipse.

Target asteroids with your binoculars

Seeing small objects through small optics is easier than you might think.

Web Extra: 25 asteroids to spot through binoculars

These targets are all brighter than 10th magnitude, so you can observe them easily with both eyes.

Tour 10 fall binocular treats

Take your binoculars to a dark site this season, and you’ll enjoy a night of easy observing.

Web Extra: Tour 10 autumn binocular highlights

Grab your binoculars and point them at a famous star, several open clusters, a globular cluster, and an enigmatic galaxy.

Astronomy tests Daystar’s Quark

Ease of use, extreme portability, and a great price make this Hydrogen-alpha solar filter one to consider.


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