Why everything you know about black holes might be wrong

Bob Berman explains why these extreme objects might be even stranger than they seem.

Web Extra: Black holes in the Milky Way

From the behemoth lurking at our galaxy’s core to star-sized objects in the spiral arms, our galaxy holds 19 confirmed black holes.

Can the cosmos test quantum entanglement?

Albert Einstein hated the idea he called “spooky actions at a distance,” but astronomers now are hoping to illuminate some of these tricky quantum puzzles.

Web Extra: Another cosmic thought-experiment

Decades ago, another physicist thought of using the distant universe to test quantum theory.

Bringing a star’s death to life

Astronomers have mapped Cassiopeia A in 3-D to understand how massive stars explode.

Web Extra: Cassiopeia A in 3-D

High-speed debris ejected by one of the Milky Way Galaxy’s most recent supernovae is helping astronomers piece together how its massive progenitor star exploded.

Target 20 sky treats in Cygnus

This constellation will keep you observing a long time.

How to view October’s two spectacular eclipses

Two eclipses put North America at the center of this month’s astronomical universe.

Shoot the Moon in high resolution

The Moon is big, bright, and easy to photograph. But capturing it well is another story, indeed.

Web Extra: Portraits of the Moon

Robert Reeves’ images of Earth’s natural satellite are the epitome of detailed beauty.

Tour 10 autumn binocular highlights

Grab your binoculars and point them at a famous star, several open clusters, a globular cluster, and an enigmatic galaxy.

Web Extra: 10 great autumn binocular sights

Before the chill of winter sets in, head outside to explore a variable star, a nearby galaxy, a stellar waterfall, and more.

Astronomy tests Vixen’s wide-field refractor

The VSD100F3.8 imaging scope is fast, has a flat field, and adds no false color to your photo.


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