How solar storms could shut down Earth

A serious solar storm could cause an electromagnetic mess that might take a decade to clean up.

Web Extra: The craziest coronal mass ejections

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory keeps track of the Sun’s activity all the time. Here are 10 of the best moments it’s caught on camera.

The new search for alien intelligence

Hunting for ET now involves Dyson spheres, infrared signals, and laser communications.

Web Extra: Exploring scientists’ first ET communication attempt

With the launch of Pioneer 10 in 1972, Carl Sagan and colleagues reached out to any civilization that could possibly encounter the spacecraft.

Astronomers reveal the universe’s hidden structure

Dark matter makes up barely one-fourth of the cosmos, but it forms the scaffolding on which normal matter congregates.

Web Extra: The cosmos’ hidden scaffolding

Computer simulations show the weblike pattern that matter follows in our universe.

Get your first peek at Comet ISON

Although still two months from glory, this visitor from the solar system’s depths promises to be a morning treat through small telescopes.

A fond farewell to Comet PANSTARRS

The best comet in six years proved to be a superb target for astroimagers.

David Levy’s lifetime of observations

Keeping a logbook is more than just a way to track your observations — it’s a written history of your relationship with the night sky. Just ask this famed comet hunter.

Astronomy’s fourth annual Star Products

Innovative designs, technological breakthroughs, and great values continue to wow us in 2013’s best 35 products.


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