What happens when we detect alien life?

Scientists have been listening for signals from extraterrestrial civilizations for decades, but what would they do if they actually heard one?

Web Extra: Hear the latest in the alien sciences

Watch various scientists discuss their work and its applications to the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

What has astronomy done for you lately?

Wireless Internet and GPS are just two of the technologies our society uses every day — and both stem from astronomy.

Web Extra – More of astronomy’s benefits to society

Astronomy isn’t just about pretty things in space. Research in this field has helped society in countless ways.

Illustrated: Inside nature’s fundamental forces

Gravity, electromagnetism, and the strong and weak nuclear forces control everything in the cosmos.

View May’s unusual solar eclipse

The Moon passes in front of the Sun on May 20, bringing an annular eclipse to a few areas in the American west and a partial eclipse most everywhere else.

Web Extra – Find the solar eclipse in your May sky

While some of the world will experience a ring of annularity May 20/21, many more can witness the Moon take a partial bite out of the Sun’s disk that day.

Explore 10 spring galaxies

The northern constellation Canes Venatici abounds with star systems for amateur telescopes.

How London created a big-city astro club

The Baker Street Irregular Astronomers shares how a metropark can be a perfect observing area with lots of dedication, a little creativity, and a positive attitude.

Web Extra: Follow an urban deep-sky catalog

The Baker Street Irregular Astronomers astronomical society in London, England, shares its “Holmes Catalog.”

10 great spring binocular sights

When the weather begins to warm, get your sky-fix by grabbing your binoculars.

Web Extra – 10 top spring binocular treats

All you need to enjoy these gems is a dark sky and two eyes.

Astronomy tests Coronado’s SolarMax II Telescope

This compact Hydrogen-alpha scope will enhance your observing as solar maximum approaches.

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