The new Milky Way

Discoveries about dark matter, high-speed gas clouds, and a small disk around the core are leading scientists to a new understanding of how our galaxy formed and the way it works.

Web Extra: Our animated galaxy

Check out three video animations of the Milky Way.

Dawn of a new era

NASA’s Dawn spacecraft arrives at Vesta this summer, beginning the first in-depth survey of a large asteroid.

Web Extra: Exploring an asteroid

NASA’s Dawn spacecraft entered orbit around Vesta July 15/16, and soon returned several stunning images of the cratered asteroid.

The Milky Way: The view from inside

Seeing our galaxy from a spot in one of its spiral arms is as hard as seeing the forest for the trees.

All about the Magellanic Clouds

These irregular star systems help astronomers understand galaxy dynamics and also teem with deep-sky objects for observers.

Web Extra: More Magellanic magic

Learn how the Milky Way’s two neighbors might hold the keys to understanding the biggest mysteries of the universe.

Hunting meteorites in Tunisia

Astronomy readers, Editor David J. Eicher, and planetary scientist Christopher McKay journeyed to North Africa to find pieces of the asteroid Vesta.

Web Extra: Photos from Tunisia – in search of ancient meteorites

An exploration of this North African country digs up fantastic meteorite finds as well as a rich history of people and architecture.

Astronomy’s second annual Star Products

This select assortment of telescopes, binoculars, eyepieces, and other astro gear reflects the year’s best of the best.



Solar heroes

Spotting the stars of Cygnus


Oh, those crazy satellites!

David Hl Levy

An open letter to Kaoru Ikeya


The ins and outs of clipping masks

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